Learning to Drive Timeline

Want to know the steps involved in learning to drive?

Here is a list to all the different articles, in chronological order, related to your driving journey!

Before Your First Lesson!

DRIVE Driving School thinking

Do You Need to Drive?

Deciding When to Learn to Drive

Applying for Your Provisional Licence

Choosing the Right Driving Instructor

Learning to Drive – The First Lesson

driving instructor welcoming driving student in front of DRIVE instructor car

What Will the First Lesson Be Like?

The Basics of Car Controls

The Cockpit Drill

Setting Up Your Steering Wheel

Setting Up Your Car Seat

Setting Up Your Car Mirrors


Clutch Control

Finding the Biting Point

How to Brake Properly

Checking Your Blind Spots


Learning to Drive – Dealing with Traffic

DRIVE Driving School test routes

The Two Second Rule

Changing Lanes Safely

Passing Parked Cars

Dealing with Junctions

Right of Way at Junctions

Observations at Junctions

Box Junction Rules

Mastering Hill Starts


DRIVE Driving School observations

Manoeuvres – Pulling Up on the Right

Manoeuvres – Reversing Around a Corner

Manoeuvres – Turn in the Road

Manoeuvres – Bay Parking

Manoeuvres – Parallel Parking

Manoeuvres – Emergency Stop

Theory Test

person taking hazard perception test on laptop

Theory Test Rundown

Revising for Your Theory Test

Knowing You’re Ready for the Theory Test

Passing Your Theory Test Tips

What Happens If You Fail Your Theory Test?

What Happens After Passing the Theory Test?

Practical Test

driving student learning to drive

Mock Driving Tests

Preparing for the Test Tips

What to Take to Test

Driving Test Faults Explained

Minor Driving Test Faults Explained

Preparing for Your Test

Show Me, Tell Me Questions

After Passing Your Practical

learner driver after passing driving test

What Happens After Passing

The First Solo Drive

Getting Insurance

Driving on Motorways