Thank You For Signing

Here is a breakdown of what will be happening over the next 10 – 12 weeks after signing your trainee licence.


If you haven’t already done so, the first step is for you to complete your coursework in preparation for your in car training!

This can be found under the teaching section of your ADI course. Please work through all the units and notify us when it is complete.


Once your coursework is complete we will arrange your Part 3 training. You will receive an email with full detail of what will happen and you should expect your trainer to make contact within 5 working days of this.

At that stage, they will discuss availability and agree the dates your training will take place. This will be 32 hours and is delivered as either 4 full days or 8 half days.


In addition to this, you will receive an email asking you to book onto your virtual classes.

There are 5 classes you need to attend and they make up the final 8 hours of training. Please book these without delay as they do fill up quickly!

It is really important that you attend all of the training offered as, without these 40 hours, you can not apply for your trainee licence.


During your training, Driving School Administration will arrange a call to speak to you about your start date on your trainee licence.

I will email you prior to this to book a call in. Please do prioritise this call because it is very important that I can gather all the information needed to agree a start date on your trainee licence.

During this call, we will look at when your training is due to finish, confirm the car you will be using and arrange the graphics to be fitted. We will also be discussing your teaching area, Part 3 test centre and proposed teaching hours.

Please note we will need confirmation of your teaching car by this stage!


You will be invited to attend a full day induction approx. 6 weeks prior to your start date on the trainee licence.

This is online and run by members of the support team and a Senior Trainer.

Attendance is essential and the following will be cover;

– Purpose of the Trainee Licence
– Self-Employment
– What we do for You
– Administration
– Teaching Area
– Advertising
– Hourly Rate
– Dealing with Enquiries
– Customer Service
– Diary Planning
– Question and Answer


Approximately 5 weeks prior to your start date we will start advertising in your local area. This means, from that point forward, you will be receiving learners that you need to book into your diary ready for your first week!

We will cover in your induction how this is done, how we deal with enquiries and how they are passed over to you.

You will be in contact with your bookings team at that stage, so that you have a direct contact should you have any questions during that time.


We will source a graphics company, local to you, to supply and fit the DRIVE brand to your car.

We will confirm the company approx. 4 weeks prior to your start date and you will arrange a time suitable for you to get them fitted.

Please note: Graphics must be approved and supplied by DRIVE.


The week leading up to your start date you will be required to attend an online class ‘Preparing to Teach your First Lesson.’

This is led by our Senior Trainer and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions ahead of your first lesson.

During this session we will also discuss who your first learner is, what experience do they have, where does their lesson start, route planning and lesson structure.


You will have ongoing support from the support team and your mentor.

Driving School Support will be in touch the week before you start to answer any last minute questions you have.

You will have your own mentor, an ADI who has been trained and qualified by DRIVE, and support from our network of PDI’s.