Suzanne Whetherby DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Congratulations to Suzanne Whetherby DVSA ADI.
She qualified in March 17 with us and set up her own driving school ‘S – Drive’.
Here is her testimonial.

Why did you want to become an instructor?
I chose to become a Driving Instructor as I wanted a new challenge and flexibility.
What did you do at the time?

I was a self employed Sales Agent within the giftware industry, I covered a large area and averaged over 30K miles a year. I have been self employed for over 9 years and looked for a career that I could continue to be self employed.
What made you choose us?
Whilst making this decision I did a little homework on the different possibilities and courses. I chose Smart Driving as the course seemed straightforward, easy to follow and I could cover in my own time.
What did you enjoy about your training?
The course was methodical, informative and concise. It took a little time at first to get used to studying again after not doing any study for a long time.
But I soon began to enjoy it.
Once I passed part 1, I began training for part 2 having to rethink my driving !!!! My Trainer Salma Ra made the experience fun and passed on a wealth of Knowledge.
I began part 3 Training with Salma and I found this part difficult mainly because of my own confidence. I failed my part 3 first time and had some extra sessions with Salma and happily passed second time.


What advice would you give another person looking to be an instructor?
The advice I would give someone looking to become an instructor is to take your time, don’t rush and get as much practice as you can especially for part 3 and enjoy!!


How has this changed your life so far?
I am know organising my new career, and looking forward to it.