Phil Orvis DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Congratulations to Phil Orvis !
Part 3 pass first attempt in Cambridge!
Phil completed the SmartDriving course and Trained with Specialist Trainer Matt Stone.
Phil worked on a trainee licence with Let’s Instruct and is now fully booked and qualified charging £29 per hour.
Well done Phil Orvis DVSA ADI and good luck in your new career.
Phil had this to say about the process:
“I would highly recommend Let’s instruct as a means of entry into the world of driving instruction. Matt, the Franchisor, could not have been more supportive. He is a vastly experienced (and well-connected) trainer, and his advice and support enabled me to not only pass the nervy Part Two practical test (having successfully corrected some long-held bad habits!), but I also felt completely ready for my Part Three teaching test thanks to his support.
In addition, Matt’s approach to how to run a franchise, his unwavering support for us as self-employed instructors, and the franchise’s ability to attract plenty of good quality clients, has made my transition to the world of self employment a smooth and rewarding one. The added benefits of regular team meetings to share news and best practice, social nights out and the legendary Christmas Party all add to make this much more than your average franchise. I am delighted to be a member.”