Patrick Franklin DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Patrick passed with us in March 2016.
He has now decided to go on his own and is continuing with his ‘SmartDriving’ membership – along side 1600 others!
Why did you want to become an instructor?
I wanted to do something completely different and be my own boss

What did you do at the time?
I was a retired police officer.

What made you choose us?
I had a bad experience with a previous ‘trainer’ so I researched the marketplace online and chose Smart Driving because of the positive feedback from students.

What did you enjoy about your training?
Starting from the beginning and learning the professional Smart Driving way.

What didn’t you enjoy?

What advice would you give another person looking to be an instructor?
Choose Smart Driving and continue with them after you have passed (Gold membership) to keep yourself updated with current statistical, analytical and developmental trends, opinions and guidance within the driving instructor profession.
It is not easy and you have to be determined and focused. There will be setbacks but with the support of the Smart driving team, you can overcome them and reach your goals.

How has this changed your life so far?
It has given me a firm foundation upon which to embark on my new career as a driving instructor and I will always be grateful to the Smart Driving team for helping me make this possible.