Kathy McGowan DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Another Part 3 pass and congratulations to Kathy McGowan DVSA ADI.
Well done Kathy who qualified with us last week…
A special thanks and ‘well done’ too, to our Specialist ADI Trainer Sadhana Patel as well all the rest of the Training team.
Congratulations all round!

Kathy had this to say:
“Dear team,
here is a pic of me following a successful part 3 pass on Monday 15th October!
It was my first attempt and I am pleased to say following excellent support and training from Sadhana Patel plus the Smart driving course, I passed. Thank you to all of you during my studying for your support when needed. It was a tough challenge but the pain was worth the gain! 😄
Kindest regards,
Kathy McGowan”
We don’t yet know what Kathy has planned for her new career, but good luck, Kathy McGowan DVSA ADI