Justine Copping DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Justine trained in Essex with us and, after passing, joined the LDC Driving School.
Why did you want to become an instructor?
I wanted to become a Driving Instructor so that I could have a better work/family life balance. I also wanted the flexibility of working for myself and being in control of my finances for a change.

What did you do at the time?
I was working for a Home Insurance company part time, but no matter how hard I tried I could not progress.

What made you choose us?
I chose Smart Driving after looking into the training on the internet. I liked the fact that I could train as and when it suited and most of the information was available online rather than in a text book. I also didn’t want to be tied to a franchise as I had not decided how I wanted my career to progress.

What did you enjoy about your training?
I enjoyed the online training. It was easy to use and appropriate to my needs. I was thankful that I had the same in car trainer for both my Part 2 & 3 training. He was knowledgeable and helpful and has kept in contact since.

What didn’t you enjoy?
I didn’t want to be tied to a franchise, so…

What advice would you give another person looking to be an instructor?
Consider your options carefully, this is not an easy life. It takes time and commitment and you need to seriously consider that this is the right career for you. The pass rate is not high, (for good reason) but the rewards are endless. If you do decide you have the patience and are made of the “right stuff” the industry definitely needs you!

How has this changed your life so far?
So far, my kids are over the moon, it means that for the first time since having a family I can seriously consider a long term life goal with rewards I didn’t think would be possible while they are young. Friends and family are very supportive and since passing my test within the first week I have 6 people that have signed up with me (once my badge and dual controls arrive!)