Jason Thornton DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Another Part 3 Pass!
Congratulations to Jason Thornton.
Well done to Jason Thornton (DVSA ADI!) who passed Part 3 in Guilford this week!
We know how difficult it has been with your ‘nearest’ DVSA test centre being a fair way from home, but we also know how hard you have worked and the effort you have put in.
A special thanks to our Specialist Trainers Clive Greenfield, Ian Brett and Andrew Love who were all involved in training and working with Jason.
Also thanks to the rest of the SmartDriving Team too.
Good Luck in your new career Jason.

Here is Jason’s full testimonial:
Hi All,

“From Directorship down I would like to thank everyone at Smart Driving. for all of their continued support , feedback & guidance during my 7 months of training through the Smart Driving ADI course. At every step of the way I have had a kind friendly caring voice at the end of the phone, (“Saint” Janet, & Claire (SmartDriving Training Support Team)) during my many queries and sometimes “down” periods during the intensive course.
Andrew Love has been there more recently with friendly help, support and advice, which has been most welcome.
A special “Eureka” Thanks for Adam (Adam Bragg). Especially during our last conversation Monday past, where he made perfect sense of the (at the time) “strange” markings on my 1st failure form. He really helped me to understand the thoughts of the SE & from his help, “pinned” down the understanding of needs for the pupil, taking it from a 1 to a 3! I did get a few 1’s where I had 2’s, but as I over-trained in the 1st test, purposely tried to under-train. So am happy!
Also, I’d like to thank Clive (Clive Greenfield) for getting through part 2 & up to my part Three. You were a great help all the way with lots of encouragement all the way up to & through today.
Last but by no means least. I big thanks to Ian (Ian Brett) for yesterday. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have passed without the help, focus and options that you gave to me. We didn’t make it to any dual carriageways today and without the session with you I would not have had the options for route and we also did a lot of “show me what you can see”. It really helped me a lot!
I’m chilling and working the rest of this week, so will catch up with you all next week, as starting my own business is a little daunting, but looking very much forwards to it.
Thanks again to everyone involved with Smart Driving. You have given me a new Career ;O)!
P.s My pupil used her mirrors all the way home!
Best regards,