Duncan Weaver DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Another Part 3 pass and congratulations to Duncan Weaver DVSA ADI!
Well done Duncan who qualified with us this week…
A special thanks and ‘well done’ too, to our Specialist ADI Trainer Jim Marraty as well as the rest of the Training team.
Duncan was on a Trainee Licence with ‘New Driver’, and is continuing with them.
Duncan said:

“Thanks to the iCourse, I feel confident (teaching people to drive) because I know what I’m talking about.
The online course was invaluable in giving me an excellent grounding in all of the things a professional instructor needs to know.
Although completing the course took time, it’s essential to cover all the content in order to become a complete instructor.
The support I received throughout every stage of my training, was fantastic. There was always someone willing and able to answer my questions promptly & knowledgeably, and in-car training of the highest calibre.
Everyone involved in the process has been hugely supportive; helped me complete every stage, tutored me to undergo the tests and celebrated my successes with me.
All in all this has been the best end-to-end professional development course I have undertaken, worth every penny.”


Congratulations all round and good luck in your new career Duncan