Darren Green DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Another Part 3 pass and congratulations to Darren Green DVSA ADI!
Well done Darren who qualified with us last week.
A special thanks and ‘well done’ too, to our Specialist ADI Trainer Ken Faughy as well as the rest of the Training team.
Here is what Darren had to say:

Why did you want to become an instructor?
I wanted to become an instructor to focus on teaching and driving, aspects of my previous career that I particularly enjoyed, combined with having flexibility over my diary being self-employed.
What did you do at the time?
I’ve enjoyed a successful corporate career in engineering, however saw becoming an instructor as the ideal opportunity to transition towards part-time working and eventually retirement, with the increased opportunity to spend more time on other hobbies and interests.
What made you choose us?
Further to significant research, SmartDriving offered a comprehensive, yet flexible course, that combined both online study, to be undertaken at times suitable for the learner and at the learner’s own preferred pace. The course also provided practical in-car training, sufficient at each stage of the ADI qualification process, and in addition to ongoing and real-time office support, included a series of webinars covering key and contemporary instruction related subjects, that could be discussed interactively and in a bespoke way to suit the needs of all participants. The course itself was also competitively priced and the guarantee of a course fee refund should I not be successful on completing the course was another distinct differentiator.
What did you enjoy about your training?
The training provided was comprehensive yet well structured in bite sized pieces to make the learning manageable. The learning structure also built in time for reflection and practise to ensure that the concepts introduced were not only understood but remembered. It was good that office support was available and provided throughout the course and that practical training was made available in quantities to support the needs of the individual.
What didn’t you enjoy?
I enjoyed all aspects of the course.
What advice would you give another person looking to be an instructor?
My advice would be to go for it. However, they should not be under the illusion that their road to success would be easy. There is a significant amount of work to undertake, but with hard work, perseverance and by utilising available support, there should be no reason why they won’t be able to realise their goal and enjoy the rewards of becoming and practising as a fully qualified ADI.
How has this changed your life so far?
The move to becoming an instructor has fulfilled all that I had hoped for. It has enabled me to enjoy the work that I do, and be paid for it too! It has also provided flexibility to work at times that suit me and for as many hours as I choose, allowing me to spend more time on leisure pursuits. There are other aspects of instruction too that I can get my teeth into to keep me challenged and to feel rewarded. I would certainly recommend driving instruction as a career choice to anyone, particularly those seeking a work-life balance that would truly suit them.

Congratulations all round and good luck in your new career David!