Claire Tollit DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Congratulations to Claire Tollit – Part 3 pass!

Claire qualified using the SmartDriving course. A special thanks and ‘well done’ too, to Tim Holman – Specialist ADI Trainer.
Claire worked on a Trainee Licence with Around The Bend and is continuing her new career with them.
Well done all round!
Good luck in your new career, Claire Tollit DVSA ADI!
Claire had this to say about her training:

“Big thanks to Tim Holman for all the in car training, advice and support over the last year.
All my part 2 and part 3 training was conducted with Tim around the Bristol area. The structure and role play scenarios really prepared me for the real life teaching I have done since working on a pink licence.
Tim covered every aspect in detail, role playing different pupils of varying ability and allowing me the time and guidance to deal with difficult situations and practicing what is required to deliver a great lesson.
Tim has always offered realistic, objective feedback during these sessions and provided practical advice for improvement.
He is a cheery, professional guy who has made this learning experience enjoyable and has been there on the end of a text message to offer help when needed.
Many thanks Claire