Alfred Courtney-Wiggins DVSA ADI

DRIVE Driving School ADI

Alfred trained with us in Worcester and passed in Feb 2016.
After Qualifying, Alfred had this to say to the SmartDriving Team:

“Hello Smart driving
I enrolled with you and completed all my course work which gave me fantastic knowledge after passing parts 1 and 2 and my part 3 after excellent training from Paul Box in Worcester.

On Friday 12th Feb I successfully passed my part 3,real life teaching really helped but also all the course work and Paul’s coaching all made sense .
I would just like to thank all at Smart Driving and Paul Box for helping achieve ADI.
It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but so rewarding.
Alfred Courtney-Wiggins”

Why did you want to become an instructor?
Having been made redundant for the 6th time I wanted more security and be my own boss.

What did you do at the time?
Quality Assurance.

What made you choose us?
I chose Smartdriving because of the value for money and learn at my own pace.

What did you enjoy about your training?
Learning by small amounts which all fall into place when you get to the ‘sharp end’.

What didn’t you enjoy?
I found some of the learning a little tedious especially when some of the learning was stuff I already knew ,but i guess you have to cover all bases.

What advice would you give another person looking to be an instructor?
Real life teaching helped a great deal but don’t try to cut corners and listen to the practical instruction.

How has this changed your life so far?
I now have a trade that nobody can take away having been out of work for over 12 months I am so happy!