Using Your Own Car for the Driving Test

Whilst many people decide to use their driving instructor’s car on their test, there is nothing stopping you from using your own car to take your driving test. Of course, if you have been using a friend or family member’s car for extra driving practice outside of lessons, you may prefer to use that. Just check you have the right insurance in place, as you may need a lift home when you pass! If you are looking to use your own car for your driving test, there are a few rules that it will need to meet. We’ve also pointed out a few things to keep in mind before deciding which car to take with you on your test!

To use your car, make sure:

DRIVE Driving School Checklist

– Taxed

– Insured for a driving test. You will need to check this with your insurance company! You will have to sign a declaration at the beginning of your test stating that your insurance covers you for your test.

– Roadworthy and have a valid MOT certificate if over 3 years old.

– Have no warning lights showing.

– Have no tyre damage, and have the legal tread depth (You can’t have a space-saver spare tyre fitted).

– Smoke-Free.

– Be able to reach at least 62 mph, and have a mph speedometer.

– Have 4 wheels!

Additional requirements

You will also need to add some extra measures to your car to make sure you can use it for your test. We’ve listed this below – but we would also recommend checking with your local test centre to be doubly sure your car meets the requirements!

– An extra interior rear-view mirror must be added for the examiner.

– L Plates.

– A passenger seatbelt and proper head restraint for the examiner!

– Remove or turn off any in-car cameras that record audio.

My car or the instructor’s. Which one to use?

DRIVE Driving School car choices meme

For those who have had driving lessons as well as private practice, you’re probably used to driving two very different cars. Of course, it’s up to you which one you use on the test (providing they both meet the above criteria) but there are a few things to think about before deciding.

Which have you practised most in?

You may have a preference of which car you want to use, but which one do you know the best? If you’re used to and confident in one over the other, it may be a good idea to use this one on test day!

How confident are you with manoeuvres

Whichever car you choose, you should be confident with your manoeuvres in it. This means knowing the reference points of your reversing manoeuvres in this car – as they will differ depending on what you’re driving!

How will you get home?

You need to make sure that whichever car you take your test in, you’re able to get home again when you pass! Once you’ve passed your test you may no longer be insured if you only hold a provisional insurance policy, so you may need someone to get you home until you can sort new insurance out!

Whether you take your test in your own car or your instructors, we wish you all the luck in your test!