Northumbria Blood Bikes Charity Event

Long-standing DRIVE member, Keith Arksey, took part in a charity bike ride across the North East to raise money for Northumbria Blood Bikes, a charity established by local volunteers to deliver blood and medical supplies to hospitals and healthcare sites in North East England.

If you wish to donate to or learn more about the charity, please visit the links below the video!


Keith: Blood bikes is an association of about 30 groups around the country. It’s a registered charity and it is fundraising to support the air ambulances around the country, specifically around the North East from two centres. The Air Ambulance Centre in Eaglescliffe and the other Air Ambulance Centre in Carlisle.

Keith: The blood bikes operate 365 nights a year because accidents and major events happen 365 days a year. The bikers and, in the winter, car drivers are supplying and taking blood and blood products to hospitals and other medical centres, specifically to air ambulance depots, to help save lives at the scene of a crash or a major incident.

Keith: The next event is on Saturday the 11th May 2024. If you can help and support us by any donations you can, that will be absolutely fantastic. Donations are accepted after the date as well. On Saturday the 11th, the event is called a 360 degree challenge. So, bikers are going to be riding around the North East in a loop. The five centres that they need to report to to confirm that they’ve completed the challenge is the Air Ambulance Centre at Eaglescliffe, the Garage Cafe and Bar in County Durham, Hexham, Berwick-upon-Tweed and the Black Bull pub in Benton, Newcastle.

Keith: That’s about 250 miles for every rider to complete and that’s how we are showing our support for the air ambulance and for the blood bikers. So what we ask you to do is follow the links below and find out more about what the blood bike event is and if you can make a contribution.

Keith: Every single night, the blood bikes organisation is run by extremely wonderful volunteers. People are out on the motorbikes and, in the winters, their cars ever single night, taking blood and blood products to the hospitals and medical centres, specifically the air ambulance places so that, in the event of a major incident or crash, people’s lives can be saved.

Keith: That might be you. your friends or your relatives. So it’s really important. I got involved a couple of years ago and was able to do just a few of the overnight rides for the Blood Bikes Association in the North East area. But, because of job commitments, I wasn’t able to continue with that. But I’m supporting the organisation through this fundraising and I hope you can help support me support them. So, follow the links, have a look at the information, if you can make a donation, that’s absolutely wonderful and thanks in anticipation for whatever you can give.