Fun Facts about Driving

Whether you are studying for your theory test or for your practical test, there is a lot of information that is needed to know.

However, while it is all essential, most of what you will learn wouldn’t exactly be classed as fun.

To help break up that boredom you may be experiencing, we have compiled a small list of interesting (and hopefully fun) facts. Whether you want to use these pieces of trivia as ice-breakers or to win a pub quiz, hopefully you will find some use with these facts!

Splashing a pedestrian can get you a £5000 fine

DRIVE driving school splashed pedestrian

Starting off the list with the most useful but, judging by the way people drive, least known facts. Accelerating into a large puddle and splashing a pedestrian is actually illegal, as it is driving without reasonable consideration to others. While the £5000 fine is the maximum punishment, and most are more likely to recieve a £100 fine and three penalty points, it is still better to err on the side of caution.

The inventor of cruise control was blind

DRIVE driving school cruise control

Inspired by his chauffer’s jerky acceleration, engineering genius and blind man, Ralph Teetor, invented the cruise control to keep a car’s speed constant. Generally, cruise control is more fuel-efficient, so not only has Ralph helped make acceleration smoother, but he’s also helped drivers to stay in their budgets!

UK motorists drive the equivalent of Nottingham to Sydney

DRIVE Driving School Nottingham

On average, we each drive about 8000 miles a year. School runs, weekend food shops and work commutes add up to roughly the same distance as jetting off to Sydney for a holiday in the sun!

The average person will spend over £206,000 on cars in their lifetime

DRIVE Driving School cost

This fact is certainly less fun and more horrifying. In a study of 2000 drivers, it was revealed how much fuel, maintenance, insurance, car tax, parking and the car itself can actually amount to. The highest overall cost was fuel, which certainly isn’t a surprise, however parking on average was over £20,000. The study additionally found that the average adult will own five cars, so if you’re already on car #6 or car #7, then you may end up spending more than the average motorist.

10% of people who fail their driving test blame nerves

DRIVE driving school test fail

There are many reasons why people fail their driving tests and being nervous is a completely understandable one. Errors can be made when doing your test without a clear head and, with areas experiencing high wait times for tests and the cost involved, it’s no surprise that a learner driver may feel pressured on the day.

For information on how to relax before a test, simply click here!

25% of UK drivers don’t know how to open their car bonnet

DRIVE Driving School car bonnet

With estimates of over 30 million people in the UK with a full driving licence, the idea that 1 in 4 don’t know how to open their car is worrying. However, according to a survey done by Total UK, it is true. It is highly recommended to check the oil level, windscreen washer and engine coolant levels regularly. Doing so will keep your car running smoothly and prevent future incidents.

A traffic jam in Beijing lasted over a week!

DRIVE Driving School Beijing traffic

In 2010, traffic was congested by trucks carrying coal to Beijing. The result? A traffic jam that went on for around 60 miles and lasted between 9-12 days. Those stuck in the jam were sold food and drink by local vendors for prices 10 times higher than normal. Next time you’re stuck in traffic for the commute to work, remember that it could be a lot worse!

You can lose your licence with only six points

DRIVE Driving School licence

Most drivers, hopefully, are aware that if you build up to 12 or more points within a three year timeframe, then you can be disqualified from driving. A lesser known fact is that if you get six point within the first two years of driving, then you can also be disqualified. Additionally, any points that you recieve while you have a provisional licence will carry over to your full driving licence.

King Charles III doesn’t need a driving licence

DRIVE Driving School King Charles

As part of the “royal prerogative” – powers and rights that the sovereign alone possesses, King Charles is the only person in the UK that doesn’t need to sit a driving test or have a driving licence to drive. Additionally, he is allowed to drive without a licence plate on his state car.

Driving to the sun isn’t feasible

DRIVE Driving School Space Tesla

While driving to the sun is not possible for numerous reasons (Lack of road and extreme heat, for a start), if it were possible, then it would be an extremely long drive. Driving at a constant 65mph from the closest point of Earth to the Sun, it would take an estimated 160 years. In comparison, driving to the Moon would take around 5 months!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these facts and found them either fun or interesting (Hopefully both)!

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