Best Car Gifts

Need to buy a gift for a car enthusiast but don’t know what to get them? Worry not! We’ve created this handy list of some of the best car gifts you can get someone. Whether it’s to keep their car clean, add some tech or to spruce up the aesthetic, we cover it!

Car charger

DRIVE Driving School phone charger

We all know how it is. You’re in the biggest rush in the world and the time pressure has you flustered, then you get in the car and realise… your phone is on 10%. If only you kept a charger in your car. Buying someone a phone charger for their car will definitely be a hit. It simply clips onto an air vent or plugs into your cigarette port. Just make sure their phone is compatible which your chosen charger!

Car Hoover

Dirt and dust can easily build up, and it seems to happen quicker and quicker between every clean. Although a car wash isn’t the biggest expense, everything adds up! Gifting someone a compact car hoover is a brilliant way to keep their vehicle’s interior clean, allowing them to save some pennies in the process. These hoovers are one of the most effective car accessories, especially if you opt for a high-quality model.

Interior LEDs

DRIVE Driving School car interior LED

Have you ever noticed how all the cars in the adverts have mood lighting in the interior? Now you can achieve the same, with car LEDs. They come in peel and stick strips for you to decorate the inside of your car. With a variety of colours and lighting modes, you could even create a party atmosphere! It’s a great, playful present that can transform how someone feels about their daily transport.

Phone holder

It’s rare that anybody uses the sat nav in their car. Most of the time, Google Maps is used much more frequently! The thing is, where do you put your phone so that you can see the directions? A phone holder is a simple but effective present that can be of use to anyone. Let them know to put it in a safe place, and nowhere that could distract them for their journey.

Car bin

DRIVE Driving School car bin

We’re all guilty of a messy car sometimes. Whether it’s snacks on a long road trip or the odd breakfast as you’re driving to work, empty packets and tissues are bound to build up over time. That’s why a car bin is such a useful gift! By keeping their vehicle clean and tidy, someone is bound to thank you for this present (if they don’t, you can blame us – we won’t mind).

Cleaning kit

As well as a hoover, a cleaning set for your car is going to come in handy regularly. This is an especially good gift for pet lovers, as animal hair can get all over your seats and interior. Car kits come equipped with a lint roller, packs of flash wipes, and much more for when your car needs a little spruce up. This gift is useful and practical, and car enthusiasts are bound to want their car looking tip top!