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Are you ready to become a confident driver?

Learning to drive is more than just a practical skill; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities, offering numerous benefits that extend far beyond simply getting from point A to point B. At its core, driving provides freedom and independence, empowering individuals to chart their course through life’s journeys.

One of the greatest advantages of learning to drive is independence. No longer reliant on public transportation schedules or the availability of others for rides, drivers have the flexibility to travel on their own terms. This is why we encourage driving lessons in Plymouth.

It builds confidence, resilience, and adaptability—qualities that are invaluable in navigating life’s twists and turns. Overcoming the challenges of learning to drive instills a sense of accomplishment and empowers individuals to tackle new challenges with courage and determination.

At DRIVE Driving School, we will provide you with a complete education. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our courses are tailored to meet your needs. From basic vehicle control to advanced techniques, we cover it!

Additionally, at our Plymouth driving school, we treat you as an individual, understanding that everyone has their own pace, and work with you to help you achieve your driving goals. We will teach you vehicle control, ways to avoid common driving hazards, and the ability to stay calm while driving. By learning to drive with us, you will become the confident driver we know you can be!

Furthermore, at Just Drive Plymouth , we are dedicated to providing top-notch driving lessons. We’ve helped 78% of our pupils in Plymouth pass their driving test!

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Every single person that enquires about driving lessons with us, gets FREE access to our incredible ‘’ videos!.

It also includes free theory questions AND hazard perception videos to practice with too.

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Plymouth Test Centre

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Newton Abbot Test Centre

Vander House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4YQ

Learning to drive in Plymouth

After Bristol, Plymouth is the biggest city in the South West. So it may get a little busy, but there’s still a great variety of roads to learn on.

When you’re starting out your driving instructor will find you some quiet residential streets where the pressure’s off, to get you used to the basics. Shirburn Road and Kingswear Crescent are good examples. They link up to form a nice circuit on which you can practise moving off and stopping, signalling, and steering, without the worry of other cars around. There’s also the B3413 nearby which works well when you’re ready to step up to busier roads.

Plymouth has its fair share of hills so you’ll want to be confident with your hill starts. It’s important to start on gently inclined roads that are quiet or empty, like Bridgewater Close or Carisbrooke Road, where it will be okay if you make mistakes. When you’re ready to test yourself, head to Fisher Road, or the nearby Ganges Road. They’re both steep and stuffed with parked cars, so they’re a real challenge not just for hill starts, but for parallel parking too.

If you’re looking for dual carriageway experience, look no further than the A374. It’s near Plymouth University and includes a busy roundabout where it meets the A386. With a three-lane approach, you’ll want to focus hard on your lane positioning, and pay attention to the signs and road markings. Come your test, you’ll need to be able to handle scenarios like this safely. We’re sure you’ll do great!

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Theory + Driving tests included

This is our MOST POPULAR and COMPLETE Package! Once you have finished the 40 hour course, you have extra lessons if you need them, PLUS we will pay for your next test too!* For beginners.


Complete Course

40 Hours

Recommended for new drivers with little to no experience.


Complete Course

30 Hours

Recommended for new drivers with little experience.


Intermediate Course

20 Hours

Recommended for those who have got the basics but need more advanced help.


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Test Ready

10 Hours

Recommended for those approaching test-standard needing to perfect their skills.


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Trial Lesson

2 Hours

Suggested for those unsure how they would like to begin their journey to becoming a driver.


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DRIVE driving school puts YOU first, so you can expect lessons tailored around you.

As you will see below, we offer a number of different courses, ideal from total beginners to those who are almost test-ready.

And we also offer courses for those who are somewhere in the middle or just want a few refresher lessons too!

AND also remember, that all of our 10+ hour courses come with our awesome ‘Pass Your Test GUARANTEE!’

Why choose DRIVE for your driving lessons?

    Courses to suit all learner drivers
    Flexible driving lessons to fit different schedules
    Learn with experienced instructors
    Home and workplace pickups
    Pass as quickly as possible
DRIVE Driving School Pass online instructor training course

* The Test Pass Guarantee is quite simple:
– you must have had a least our 10 hour package of lessons with one of our instructors;
– you must be able show you have watched all of the videos in our learning to drive online course;
– you must provide your test fail report – dated within the last 14 days;
– you must provide your bank details so we can pay you the value of the test within 14 days of making us of the guarantee.
– the instructor must agree that you are at a test ready standard.

*^ Guaranteed Pass – Unlimited Course:
– you must have had a least the 40 hour package of lessons with one of our instructors;
– additional lessons are provided and limited to 4 hours following a test fail and before a resit;
– you must be able show you have watched all of the videos in our learning to drive online course;
– you must provide your test fail report – dated within the last 14 days;
– you must provide your bank details so we can pay you the value of the test within 14 days of making us of the guarantee.

^ The instructor’s decision on test readiness is final and reserves the right to refuse use of the car for the day of the test.
If this occurs, the hours reserved for the day of the test will be used to continue lessons until the hours have been used up.
It would then be your responsibility to arrange and pay for the use of the instructor’s car for the day of the test.

With all of our courses, we act as an agent on your behalf. We will process the fee and take payment for the course. We will pass the full amount of the lessons for the course on to instructor minus our administration fee of (£50) and test fees.

For full terms and conditions of our lessons, bookings, packages and guarantees, see here Terms