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Are you ready to become a confident driver?

Learning to drive is more than just a practical skill; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities, offering numerous benefits that extend far beyond simply getting from point A to point B. At its core, driving provides freedom and independence, empowering individuals to chart their course through life’s journeys.

One of the greatest advantages of learning to drive is independence. No longer reliant on public transportation schedules or the availability of others for rides, drivers have the flexibility to travel on their own terms. This is why we encourage driving lessons in Northampton.

It builds confidence, resilience, and adaptability—qualities that are invaluable in navigating life’s twists and turns. Overcoming the challenges of learning to drive instills a sense of accomplishment and empowers individuals to tackle new challenges with courage and determination.

At DRIVE Driving School, we will provide you with a complete education. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our courses are tailored to meet your needs. From basic vehicle control to advanced techniques, we cover it!

Additionally, at our Northampton driving school, we treat you as an individual, understanding that everyone has their own pace, and work with you to help you achieve your driving goals. We will teach you vehicle control, ways to avoid common driving hazards, and the ability to stay calm while driving. By learning to drive with us, you will become the confident driver we know you can be!

Furthermore, at Just Drive Northampton, we are dedicated to providing top-notch driving lessons. We’ve helped 78% of our pupils in Northampton pass their driving test!

Contact us today to book your lesson and pass your test with Just Drive Northampton!

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It also includes free theory questions AND hazard perception videos to practice with too.

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  • Northampton
  • Collingtree
  • Moulton Park
  • Upton
  • Cogenhoe





Moulton Park

Moulton Park


Upton, Northampton




  • Northampton Test Centre
  • Wellingborough Test Centre
  • Kettering Test Centre

Northampton Test Centre

Northampton Gladstone Business Centre, Gladstone Road, Northampton, NN5 7QA

Wellingborough Test Centre

Glamis Hall, Goldsmith Road, Wellingborough, NN8 3RU

Kettering Test Centre

5-6 Orion Way, Kettering NN15 6NL, UK

Learning to drive in Northampton

In a large town like Northampton, there are certainly plenty of different road types and junctions that you’ll need to get up to speed with during your lessons. Tests here begin in a local industrial estate, but your route will soon see you heading towards residential areas, where you’ll need to show your examiner that you have a keen sense of hazard perception, and will need to deal with often narrow, car-lined streets.

Though tests here are unlikely to head out towards country lanes, you could see yourself along one of the many A roads that radiate out from the Northampton area. Equally, you could find yourself tackling busy traffic in the town centre. Navigate all of this successfully, and you’ll find yourself walking away with a full driving licence—and could even pass with zero minors!

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This is our MOST POPULAR and COMPLETE Package! Once you have finished the 40 hour course, you have extra lessons if you need them, PLUS we will pay for your next test too!* For beginners.


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Recommended for new drivers with little to no experience.


Complete Course

30 Hours

Recommended for new drivers with little experience.


Intermediate Course

20 Hours

Recommended for those who have got the basics but need more advanced help.


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Test Ready

10 Hours

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Professional Driving Lessons Northampton

Enjoy the freedom that being a driver brings – and pass your driving test with Just Drive! Our Northampton driving school will teach you to be a safe and confident driver, and our instructors will get you to test ready – at an affordable price. Check out our Test Pass Guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

We take a personalised approach to teaching, as we understand that everyone learns differently, and at different paces. We will treat you as an individual, and structure your driving lessons to ensure you feel confident across all aspects of driving.

Our Northampton driving lessons cover a range of topics including; 

  • traffic laws
  • road rules and regulations
  • safe driving tips
  • driver theory
  • vehicle control
  • defensive driving techniques
  • city driving
  • road test preparation

No matter if you’re:

  • learning to drive from scratch
  • are close to sitting your test
  • have a license but are wanting to refresh your skills

Our Northampton driving school can help! Our instructors are experienced, friendly and patient, and can teach drivers of all levels.

We emphasise the importance of safety in our Northampton driving lessons. We’ll teach you defensive driving techniques, ways to avoid common driving hazards, and techniques to stay calm and focused while driving.

At Just Drive Northampton, we are dedicated to providing top-notch driving lessons. We’re currently offering your first Northampton driving lesson for FREE. Contact us today to book yours!

What is your Driving Test pass rate in Northampton?

We pride ourselves on our Northampton driving test pass rate. We’ve helped 78% of our pupils in Northampton pass their driving test.

Want to pass your driving test first time? Take a look at our Guaranteed Pass Course.

Where will I take my driving test in Northampton?

Northampton has its own practical driving test centre, which is located at Gladstone Business Centre.

Most of our pupils in Northampton opt to sit their practical test here, however if you’re looking for a test centre outside of the area your options include Wellingborough and Kettering.

During your driving test, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your driving skills on a variety of roads, including urban and rural areas, and your examiner will be looking for safe driving practices and a good understanding of traffic laws and regulations. 

As part of our Northampton Driving Lessons, our instructors will take you on mock driving tests to help you better prepare for the practical examination.

With practice and preparation through our carefully planned lessons, you will feel confident and well-prepared for sitting your driving test.

You can book your practical driving test directly on the GOV website.

Northampton Driving Test Centre Pass Rate

If you’re a learner driver in Northampton, you might be wondering exactly what the pass rate is at the Northampton driving test centre.

Northampton Driving Test Centre has a pass rate of 44.8% in 2019-20.

We have a much higher pass rate across all of our Just Drive pupils, 78%. We also offer a guaranteed pass course which you can learn more about here

Don’t let a lack of preparation hold you back from passing your driving test. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson and take the first step towards becoming a safe and confident driver. With our tailored driving lessons and expert guidance, you’ll be on the road to success in no time.

How much is a 1-hour driving lesson in Northampton

The cost of a 1-hour driving lesson at Just Drive Northampton starts from just £33.37 per lesson. We offer a range of different programmes and plans to suit learner drivers of all levels. 

You can browse our full range of Northampton driving lesson prices below.

Are 1 or 2 Hour driving lessons better in Northampton

When it comes to driving lessons in Northampton, the question of whether 1-hour or 2-hour lessons are better is one that many people ask. The answer is not so simple, as it really depends on your own personal needs and preferences.

If you’re a beginner driver, 1-hour lessons might be the way to go. This will allow you to ease into the driving experience gradually, building up your skills and confidence over time without becoming too exhausted or overwhelmed.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make faster progress and cover more topics in a single session, 2-hour lessons could be the better option for you. They also provide a convenient way to fit in more driving practice if you have a busy schedule.

At Just Drive Northampton, we understand that every learner driver is unique, which is why we offer both 1-hour and 2-hour driving lessons. This way, you can choose the option that works best for you and your specific learning style.

Popular driving routes in Northampton

Northampton is at the centre of a number of beautiful, scenic driving routes. As a Just Drive pupil, you will get the chance to learn on many of these scenic routes.

One of the most popular routes for a day trip is the Lune Valley Loop, which takes you through the beautiful Lune Valley and past historical landmarks such as the 12th-century Lancaster Castle.

This route is approximately 35 miles long and takes around an hour to complete. Along the way, you can stop off at charming villages such as Hornby and Wennington, or take a detour to the popular seaside town of Morecambe. 

Another popular route near Northampton is the Trough of Bowland. This leads through the stunning Bowland Fells and past charming villages such as Dunsop Bridge and Slaidburn. 

The route is approximately 40 miles long and takes around an hour and a half to complete. We would definitely recommend taking your time driving on this route, to really take in and enjoy the breath-taking views.

More About Northampton

Northampton population

According to the Office of National Statistics, the estimated population of Northampton is approximately 245,889 people.

What County is Northampton Located In

Northampton is located in Northamptonshire. Northamptonshire is located in the East Midlands region of England and is home to several other towns and cities besides Northampton. 

These include Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Rushden, Daventry, and Towcester. Each of these towns has its own unique character and attractions, ranging from historic landmarks and cultural festivals to modern shopping centres and sporting events. 

Local Council Information

Northampton is governed by the Northampton Borough Council. The council is responsible for providing local services and amenities to residents and businesses in the area. 

Northampton Borough Council is comprised of elected councillors who work together to make decisions on issues such as housing, transportation, waste management, and community development. 

The Northampton Borough Council also collaborates with other local councils in Northamptonshire to ensure coordinated and effective delivery of services across the county.

Major Roads in Northampton

Northampton is located at the crossroads of several major roads, making it a central hub for transportation in the East Midlands region of England. 

One of the most important roads in Northampton is the M1 motorway, which runs north-south through the town and connects it to other major cities such as London, Leicester, and Birmingham. The M1 provides easy access to nearby towns and cities in Northamptonshire and beyond, making it a vital artery for both commuters and businesses in the area.

As well as the, M1, Northampton is also linked to several other major roads, including the A45, A43, and A508. 

The A45 is a major east-west road that connects Northampton to other major towns such as Coventry and Rugby, while the A43 provides a direct route north towards Kettering and Corby. The A508 runs south from Northampton towards the town of Milton Keynes. 

These major roads, combined with Northampton’s excellent public transport links, make it a convenient and accessible destination for both business and leisure travel. 

At Just Drive Northampton, we ensure that our students are well-versed in navigating these major roads and highways safely and confidently.

Northampton Train Station

Northampton train station is located in the centre of the town, and offers transport links to major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. As well as these larger cities, it also provides direct services to destinations such as Milton Keynes, Coventry, and Rugby

The train station has a café inside, as well as a waiting room and all the other usual amenities you’d expect from a modern train station.

Northampton is Most Famous For…

There is a wealth of historical and cultural assets in Northampton. But, its shoemaking sector may be what makes it most well-known. This goes back to the 16th century, a time when Northampton was one of the world’s major shoe manufacturing hubs.

Many historic shoemakers are still in business in Northampton and continue to use age-old techniques to produce high-quality footwear, making the town a major centre of the British shoe industry today. The Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, which has a remarkable collection of shoes, boots, and other shoemaking relics, is a great place for tourists to learn about the town’s history of shoemaking.

Popular Landmarks and Tourist Spots in Northampton

There are numerous well-known tourist attractions and landmarks in the historic and culturally rich town of Northampton. 

The Northampton Castle, a mediaeval fortress constructed in the eleventh century, is one of the city’s most recognisable features. While being completely in ruins presently, the castle’s grounds are still open for tourists to explore and discover its intriguing past. 

Abington Park, a lovely parkland located just north of the town centre, is another well-liked tourist destination in Northampton. The park offers visitors beautiful gardens, a lake, a museum, as well as a number of playgrounds and sporting venues.

Along with these landmarks, Northampton is home to a number of other historical and cultural sites, including the 78 Derngate Museum, which honours the creations of renowned designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, which has an impressive collection of artwork and artefacts from all over the world.

For those who enjoy sports, Northampton is also home to the Silverstone Circuit, one of the most illustrious Formula 1 racing tracks in the world, and the Franklin’s Gardens stadium, which serves as the home field for the Northampton Saints rugby team. Northampton caters to all interests, whether you’re into sports, culture, or history.

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DRIVE Driving School Pass online instructor training course

* The Test Pass Guarantee is quite simple:
– you must have had at least our 10 hour package of lessons with one of our instructors;
– you must be able show you have watched all of the videos in our learning to drive online course;
– you must provide your test fail report – dated within the last 14 days;
– you must provide your bank details so we can pay you the value of the test within 14 days of making use of the guarantee.
– the instructor must agree that you are at a test ready standard.

*^ Guaranteed Pass – Unlimited Course:
– you must have had at least the 40 hour package of lessons with one of our instructors;
– additional lessons are provided and limited to 4 hours following a test fail and before a resit;
– you must be able show you have watched all of the videos in our learning to drive online course;
– you must provide your test fail report – dated within the last 14 days;
– you must provide your bank details so we can pay you the value of the test within 14 days of making use of the guarantee.

The instructor’s decision on test readiness is full and final. You must follow your Instructor’s advice on the sitting or rebooking of a test. The instructor reserves the right to refuse use of the car for the day of the test.
If this occurs, the 2 hours reserved for the day of the test will be used for any test resit.

With all of our courses, we act as an agent on your behalf. We will process the fee and take payment for the course. We will pass the amount of the lessons for the course onto the instructor minus our administration fee of (£50) and test fees.

For full terms and conditions of our lessons, bookings, packages and guarantees, see here Terms