Resources for DRIVE learners

Resources to help you PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST!

Below are a few things we at DRIVE and your instructor would like you to have to help you get in the road!

1. How to pass your test driving videos

Every single person that enquires about driving lessons with us, gets FREE access to our incredible ‘’ videos!

It also includes free theory questions AND hazard perception videos to practice with too.

Click on the image below for the link to register:


And don’t forget about our Test PASS guarantee – pass your test or we pay for your next one!*

DRIVE Driving School Pass online instructor training course

DRIVE Driving Lessons online

The online content works on all devices via the device’s browser.

Any issues please get in touch via Email: Get in Touch

2. Up to Date Highway Code

You can access the latest, up-to-date copy of ‘The Highways Code’

3. Know Your Traffic Signs Download

You can download a copy of ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’