Conversation with the DVSA - October 2018 - John Sheridan

Conversation with the DVSA – October 2018 – John Sheridan

As usual when the DVSA make themselves available, hundreds viewed live and already thousands viewed since and on social media our October ‘Conversation with the DVSA’ ADI Support and Development Webinar from SmartDriving in association with ADI NJC.

If you missed it, John Sheridan, DVSA Driver Training Policy Manager, was on top form and answered many of the great questions we asked to put to them.


Conversation with the DVSA – REPLAY.

John answered questions on the impact of the new driving test, ORDIT, the impact of the new Part 2 and Part 3 test, test waiting times, examiner training and a few more besides.
For those that are not aware of John’s work, DVSA Driver Training Policy Manager John joined the Agency way back in 1985, has been a test centre manager, a Supervising Examiner for ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructor), was also part of the ADI training team at Cardington responsible for training examiners to conduct ADI qualifying examinations and tests of continued ability.
In 2006 he was promoted to ACDE (Assistant Chief Driving Examiner) and took responsibility for 9 managers and 132 examiners across the Midlands area. Since taking up the Driver Training Policy Manager post, he has been part of the team who introduced three new tests two of which impact directly on the quality of those responsible for teaching learners. He is currently working on introducing a scheme to raise the standards of ORDIT.


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