Standards Check Success Webinars 08 - May 13


Standards Check Success Webinars 08 – May 13

In this eighth and final webinar of the series, we covered:
15- Were the pupil’s queries followed up and answered?,
16- Did the trainer maintain an appropriate non-discriminatory manner throughout the session?,
17- At the end of the session- was the pupil encouraged to reflect on their own performance?



Standards Check Success Webinars – Monday the 13th May 2019 – REPLAY.

Graham Lucas and Andrew Love (the heads of our ADI Training Team and Grade A ADIs) draw on their DECADES of ADI Training experience and know how, and will refer to the Standards Check Form (SC1), The Official Guidance for Driving Examiners Carrying Out Instructor Tests (ADI 1) and the National Standard for Driver And Rider Training to make sure you fully understand how you are tested and how your skills apply to the Standards Check Form (SC1).


Since 2018, we’ve reached 10s of 1000s of ADIs with our Standards Check preparation webinars with incredible success!
This was the final webinar in the Standards Check Success Webinars. We hope you have enjoyed them.

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